The Washtenaw County Board of County Road Commissioners (the WCRC Board) partners with 20 Townships to provide local road improvements. Washtenaw County has more than 1,060 centerline miles of local roads. WCRC crews maintain all primary and local public roads located outside of city and village limits in Washtenaw County. Click here to explore county road certification maps.   

Funding for local road investments is very different than funding on primary roads. Unfortunately, the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) allocation for local roads barely covers WCRC’s costs for routine maintenance. Click here to learn more about the services provided by WCRC. In addition, under current state law, any improvements to a local road (for example resurfacing) must have at least 50% of its funding come from a source other than the road commission, often the township.   

Knowing these challenges, the WCRC Board provides a Local Road Matching Program and a Local Road Culverts and Bridge Matching Program. These funds are allocated to each township based on the distribution formula used by MDOT to distribute road funds to the 83 counties of Michigan. You can find details about each township’s matching program inside the township booklet on each township page below. 

WCRC also provides township updates that include relevant seasonal topics and local road projects. The updates are distributed quarterly. You can find the link below by clicking on county-wide updates.

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