Safe and efficient road systems require partnerships, both internally between WCRC’s departments and externally between WCRC, motorists, pedestrians, neighborhoods, non-profits and local units of governments. WCRC’s Traffic and Safety Section exists to manage this important area as professional engineers and subject-matter experts.

The Traffic & Safety Section is responsible for:

Traffic Signals
WCRC maintains more than 250 traffic signals across the county. If you see a dark or damaged traffic signal, contact (734) 761-1500 immediately.

Traffic Signs
WCRC maintains more than 30,000 signs across Washtenaw County. If you see a damaged or missing stop sign, contact (734) 761-1500 immediately.

photo of speed limit sign

Speed Limit Review
Per state law, WCRC partners with the Michigan State Police to establish speed limits based on empirical evidence. Click to learn more.

photo of speed humps installed on a neighborhood street

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)
WCRC’s NTMP helps manage requests from residents for traffic control devices such as speed humps. Click here to learn more.

Pavement Markings
WCRC is responsible for maintaining hundreds of miles of markings across the county.

WCRC employee doing a manual traffic count

Traffic Studies/Counts
Traffic studies help WCRC plan transportation projects that best serve the motoring public. Click here to access WCRC’s traffic count database.

example of green road name signs

Road Names
Road name signs are an important way-finding tool on public roads. WCRC replaces road name signs based on need and resources.

drone photo of Textile/Woodland roundabout

Projects Funded by Safety Grants
WCRC strives to fund major safety improvements by pursuing grants opportunities when they arise. Click here to see the grants WCRC is pursuing.

If you are interested in a new traffic or roadway safety feature, click here to submit a request or use the WCRC Fix It App (available for Apple or Android devices). Contact (734) 761-1500 for more information.