The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) is an independent financial entity although its funds are deposited through the Washtenaw County Treasurer.

The Board of County Road Commissioners is responsible for adoption of an annual budget and approval of all expenditures in accordance with accepted accounting principles applicable to governmental units. An annual audit is performed on the Road Commission by an independent audit firm and the results are provided to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

WCRC’s principal source of funding is the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF). This fund is supported by vehicle registration fees and the Michigan state gas tax. WCRC’s allocation is based on a formula, which includes factors such as population and miles of certified roads.

In addition to Michigan Transportation Funds, the Road Commission contracts with the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain the state trunklines and with each of the 20 townships within the county for specific improvement projects. WCRC also receives federal and state grants for individual projects, and may receive contributions from private developers and other governmental entities for specific improvements. The Road Commission also receives revenues from permits and other fees, special assessment districts, and interest from invested funds. The Road Commission does not receive any funding from Washtenaw County or directly from property taxes. To learn more about WCRC’s funding sources, click here.

Planned Capital Investments

Future projects are identified through an annual planning process resulting in a document called the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which maps out investments over a five year period.

The CIP typically addresses investments in excess of $100,000 and may include road and bridge projects, as well as facility and equipment purchases.  Due to funding restrictions based on the functional class of a roadway (primary or local), most of the road and bridge projects identified in the CIP are located on the primary road system, which includes many of the major roads in the county.

Click here to view the 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan’s funded project list. For more about the CIP and future road work planning, click here.

FOIA Requests

As a governmental agency, the Washtenaw County Road Commission is required to comply with the Public Act 442 of 1976, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). To learn more about FOIA requests and submit a request online, click here.

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard provides information regarding the condition, operation, and investment in Michigan’s public road system. To performance dashboards, click here and then select the heading for the category you want to view. The information may take a few minutes to load due to the large amount of data.

Community Engagement

The Washtenaw County Road Commission strives to provide as much information as possible to the community regarding upcoming WCRC projects within the public road right-of-way. Click here to read more about WCRC’s Community Engagement Policy.