Grants are an important funding source for many road agencies and are awarded by a variety of funding sources. WCRC competes with other road agencies and municipalities across the state for these funds. Grants are often for a very specific purpose, like reducing congestion and cannot be used for general road maintenance.

Potential projects are evaluated by the granting agency based on program-specific metrics. If a grant is awarded, WCRC engineers design the project within the award specifications. The granting agency then reviews and approves the design. Once the design has been approved, the project is bid and constructed.

Check out the charts below to see the current grants being pursued and constructed by WCRC and its contractors. For additional information, please contact the project manager.

2023 Construction Season

2024 Construction Season

2025 Construction Season

2026 Construction Season

Once a grant-funded project has been designed and scheduled, it will be added to the current projects listing for that construction year. Once construction begins, it will be added to the Weekly Road Work Schedule (updated every Thursday).