York Township

WCRC staff produced the 2024 York Township Local Road Funding Packet which includes information about the Local Road Matching Program, road funding, asset management and road treatments. Below is a summary of the roads, bridges and culverts located in York Township.

Primary Roads  

  • 41.96 miles of paved primary roads  
  • 3.89 miles unpaved primary roads 
  • 6 bridges (more than 20’ span) 
  • 20 culverts, greater than 5’ in diameter 

Local Roads  

  • 28.44 miles of local paved roads 
  • 27.17 miles of local unpaved roads 
  • 4 bridges (more than 20’ span) 
  • 16 culverts on local collector roads, greater than 5’ in diameter 

WCRC has also provided a link to the township website, see button below.

Township Website

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