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Work has Begun!

By January 22, 2019Project Updates

Despite the wintry weather, construction work on the Border-to-Border Segment D-2 along the Huron River in Scio Township has begun!

Late last week, Davis Construction, the contractor on this project began tree and brush removal. Right now the work is focused between Huron River Drive and the Huron River. Over the coming weeks, Davis Construction will continue to work on tree and brush removal. In addition, they will build the temporary gravel access drive.

Please contact Louie Taylor, project manager, if you have any questions (989) 686-3100, ltaylor@wadetrim.com. This project is part of the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission’s Border-to-Border Trail Network in partnership with the Huron Waterloo Pathway Initiative (HWPI). The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) is involved with this project to help administer Federal funds from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant.