February has certainly been an interesting month weather-wise. Work on the Sharon Valley Road Bridge has been “on again, off again” based on weather conditions.

The crew placed the cast-in-place concrete diaphragms and west end backwall today. In order to meet temperature specifications, tarps and insulating blankets were installed. See the photo below – the tarps were used to “tent” the bridge and heat was blown in underneath. Form, steel, and surface temperatures all checked out this morning.

The forecasted weather today, tomorrow, and Sunday have provided a good window. However, with the high winds expected on Sunday, the crew is planning on returning to the site tomorrow to remove the tarps hanging over the bridge. The newly placed concrete will remain wrapped in insulating blankets. The crew will begin placing forms for the cast-in-place concrete deck next week.

If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Berkholz, project manager, at (734) 327-6648 or [email protected].

Today our contractor poured concrete for the diaphragms. The blankets were required to ensure proper concrete curing.