Request for Proposals: 2021 WCRC County-wide Guardrail

By February 18, 2021Bids

DEADLINE: 11 a.m. Wednesday, March 10, 2021

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: All specifications shall follow the 2012 Michigan Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Construction and as directed by the Engineer.

This project consists of county-wide guardrail upgrades per current standards at the following locations:

  1. Clark Rd, 90 ft West of River St
  2. Sibley Rd, 850 ft East of Bush Rd
  3. Wagner Rd, 500 Ft South of Miller Rd
  4. Geddes Rd, 1,000 ft East of Dixboro Rd
  5. Geddes Rd, 1,200 ft West of Superior Rd

CONTRACTING OFFICER AND PURCHASING ENTITY: Brent Schlack, PE.., Washtenaw County Road Commission, [email protected] (734) 327-6670.

QUALIFICATION PROVISIONS OR OTHER SPECIAL PROVISIONS: All bidders must be insured to meet requirements set forth in RFP.


SUBMISSION PROCESS:  All bid documents can be reviewed, and bids can be submitted via, solicitation number 2102 01.

BID OPENING: March 10, 2021

DATE POSTED: February 18, 2021

BID TABULATIONS: 2021 County Wide Guardrail Bid Tab