Project Update: Paving the Pathway!

By August 7, 2023Project Updates

Construction on the Platt Rd Greenway II Pathway project near Platt Rd, between Wall Park and Waterfowl Blvd in Pittsfield Township, is coming together.  

Over the past few weeks, the contractor was able to finish paving the roadway shoulder. Currently, the contractor is paving the pathway and expects to complete paving this week. Once the asphalt has been placed, the contractor will address concrete driveways and restoration.  

As a reminder, please refrain from entering the pathway project limits, as it is an active construction zone. The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) will continue to send out updates as the project progresses. Have questions about the project? Contact Chris Brinks, project engineer, at (734) 647-2788, or via email at    

Pictured is the placement of the asphalt Platt Rd Greenway II Pathway, located near Platt Rd, between Wall Park and Waterfowl Blvd, in Pittsfield Township.