Project Update: Making Progress!

By August 8, 2023Project Updates

We are making progress on the Parker Rd Culvert Replacement project that is located between Shield Rd and Dexter-Chelsea Rd in Lima & Scio Townships.  

Last week, the contractor worked to assemble the wingwalls and headwalls of the culvert, as well as backfill over the structure. With the installation of the wingwalls complete, and riprap added at the face of the culvert, the contractor was able to open the stream and allow the water to flow through the structure.   

Currently, the contractor is working on creating a stable base for the roadway. Next steps include paving the roadway and shoulders, along with the installation of the guardrail.  

The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) will continue to send out updates as the project progresses. Have questions about the project? Contact Nate Murphy, project manager, at (734) 327-6647, or via email at [email protected].  

Pictured is the new culvert structure with assembled wingwalls and headwalls, and placed riprap on Parker Rd between Shield Rd and Dexter-Chelsea Rd in Lima & Scio Townships.