Project Update: Construction Is Going Well!

Construction is going well on the Textile Rd resurfacing project in Pittsfield & Ypsilanti Townships.   

Last week our contractor completed paving two phases of Textile Rd between Whittaker Rd and Huron River Dr, as well as between Bridge Rd and Rawsonville Rd. The contractor also placed aggregate shoulders, pavement markings and removed temporary traffic control devices.  

The Textile Rd resurfacing project will pause until further notice to coordinate with permitted work in the area and to accommodate traffic impacts (see project phase image below). The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) will continue to send updates as the project progresses. 

Have questions about the project? Contact Mike Bernbeck, project manager, at (734) 327-6654, or via email at [email protected] 

Pictured above is the project limits and the expected order of construction on Textile Rd between Crane Rd and Rawsonville Rd in Pittsfield & Ypsilanti Townships. However, this order of construction is subject to change based on weather conditions, contractor scheduling and permitted work in the area.

Pictured above is the newly paved surface of Textile Rd at Bridge Rd in Ypsilanti Township.