Project Announcement: Miller Rd Bridge & Roundabout (Scio Twp)

By September 4, 2019Articles

The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) is excited to announce a three-part project planned for the 2020 construction season on Miller Road in Scio Township. The project will consist of the following:

  • The Miller Road bridge over Honey Creek will be replaced
  • A single-lane roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Miller Road and Wagner Road
  • The road segment between the bridge and intersection will be resurfaced

 Why this segment of road?


The Miller Road bridge over Honey Creek was built in the 1930s and has reached the end of its design life. It has been weight-restricted for many years and needs to be replaced. WCRC received a Local Bridge Program Grant from the Michigan Department of Transportation to replace this bridge in 2020.


WCRC monitors numerous intersections across the county for congestion and safety. The intersection of Miller Road and Wagner Road is heavily congested during peak hours of travel. A roundabout is an ideal solution to help alleviate this congestion during peak hours while minimizing impacts to surrounding properties.

While the road is closed for these projects, WCRC will resurface the road between the bridge and the new roundabout.

Both the bridge and roundabout projects will require some trees to be removed along the roadway. WCRC is working with its consultant to minimize tree removals whenever possible. More information on tree removal plans will be provided as the design process continues.

When will this project be completed?

Construction is expected to occur in 2020.

The roundabout will be constructed first, WCRC estimates that it will take 6 – 8 weeks to build the roundabout, weather pending. During this time, the intersection will be completely closed to all traffic and a detour will be posted.

Once the roundabout has been completed, WCRC will begin the bridge project. Due to state environmental restrictions, bridgework must begin after July 1. The bridgework is expected to take 2 – 3 months, the bridge location will be completely closed to all traffic during this period and a detour will be posted.

The road between the bridge and roundabout will be resurfaced while the road is closed.

How can I get more information? WCRC will hold a public information meeting about this project later this fall. WCRC will also post project updates online and on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Visit the project page to subscribe to project updates:

For specific questions on this project contact Matt MacDonell, (734) 327-6688,