Project Announcement: Cherry Hill Rd Bridge Structure Replacement (Superior Twp)

By June 11, 2024Project Updates

The Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) has the green light to rehabilitate the bridge on Cherry Hill Road, over Fleming Creek, between Gale Road and Plymouth Road in Superior Township. The scope of work will include removal and replacement of the bridge beams, deck, and rail. 

“Bridges provide a vital connection from communities to commerce,” says Nate Murphy, WCRC Senior Project Manager – Design and Construction. “With careful consideration during design and construction, the WCRC will rehabilitate this bridge crossing to provide a reliable and durable crossing of Fleming Creek.”  

Based on funding availability, construction is currently scheduled for 2026. The WCRC is beginning the collection of data for the design phase of the project. The 44-year-old, two-lane Cherry Hill Road Bridge is weight-restricted due to structural deterioration, prompting the need for rehabilitation. Funding comes from the Local Bridge Program (Michigan Department of Transportation) and Michigan Transportation Funds (WCRC budget). 

Residents and motorists may notice surveyors collecting data near the bridge. This design phase work is not expected to impact traffic. 

During the 2026 construction, the bridge will be closed to all traffic with a posted detour. The WCRC will host a virtual public information meeting regarding this project in 2025. 

The WCRC will alert the public with construction updates on the WCRC website, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Sign up for WCRC project updates: 

For specific questions regarding this project, please contact Nate Murphy, Senior Project Manager – Design & Construction, at (734) 327-6647, or via email at [email protected]. 

Pictured above is the Cherry Hill Rd Bridge, over Fleming Creek, between Gale Rd and Plymouth Rd in Superior Township.