Pontiac Tr and N. Territorial Rd: Closed Means Closed

By June 14, 2022Project Updates

Day two of the Pontiac Tr and N. Territorial Rd Roundabout project in Salem Township has already been a busy one. Our contractor is onsite removing pavement and signs. Earthwork to realign the intersection will begin in the coming days.

The intersection is closed to ALL through traffic. Access for those who live on Dutch Hill Dr and those traveling to businesses located at the intersection will be provided access but NO traffic will be allowed to traverse the intersection itself.

We have seen a lot of work zone intrusions in the first 24 hours of this closure. This is a major safety concern. Law enforcement has been issuing tickets to those who attempt to violate the closure. Please follow the posted detour or take an alternate route.

Questions? Contact Nate Murphy, project manager, [email protected], (734) 327-6647.

photos showing progress being made on N Territorial Rd and Pontiac Tr