Platt Rd: Smooth Road Ahead!

We are making great progress on the Platt Rd Resurfacing Project in York Township! Our contractor began pulverizing the existing pavement today and shaping it to create the new road base. This work will continue throughout the weekend.

Early next week paving will begin on Platt Rd. Paving is expected to take approximately three days, weather pending. As a reminder, the road remains closed to all through-traffic during construction and a detour route is posted. Access will be provided to residents who live, work or own property within the work zone. During paving, there may be a slight delay in access for residents as the paving operation moves directly in front of a driveway, so be sure to communicate with crews if needed.

Questions? Contact Mike Bernbeck, project manager, (734) 327-6654, [email protected].

photo of pulverized surface

Pictured above is the freshly pulverized surface of Platt Rd in York Township. The crushed material is recycled and compacted to be used as the new road base.