Packard Rd: What is Taking so Long?

The Packard Rd Resurfacing Project in Pittsfield Township is still well underway. Road work has been on pause for the last few weeks while Pittsfield Township has been working on their watermain replacement.

This particular watermain has a long history of problems which is why we are coordinating with Pittsfield Township to replace it while the road was already going to be closed for resurfacing. We are hopeful the watermain work will be complete within the next couple weeks so that we can get back to the roadway portion of the work.  The project is now expected to be complete by mid-September.

As a reminder the road remains closed to ALL traffic during construction. ALL traffic is required to follow the posted detour route or seek an alternative route. Pedestrians should follow the signs posted on site for any sidewalk closures.

Questions? Please contact Michele Ford, project manager, (734) 327-6652, [email protected].

photo of watermain construction

Pictured above is Pittsfield Township’s ongoing watermain replacement on the Packard Rd Resurfacing Project in Pittsfield Township.