Miller/Wagner: Removing the Cofferdams

By December 1, 2020Project Updates

While this week’s snow is slowing things down a bit, our contractor continues to make progress on the Miller Road bridge replacement over Honey Creek in Scio Township. The pre-cast wingwalls are now in place on the new structure. Tomorrow, our contractor will start to remove the steel cofferdam enclosure around the bridge area.

A cofferdam is used on bridge projects to create a dryer work area for the actual bridge construction. Once the cofferdam is removed, Honey Creek will flow through the new bridge structure we have constructed. Removal of the cofferdam will disrupt some soil and may result in some muddy water moving downstream temporarily.

Our contractor continues to work on rebuilding the road over the new structure.

Questions? Contact Nate Murphy, project manager and bridge engineer, (734) 327-6647,

photo of Miller Rd Cofferdam

This drone photo is from early November but the green highlighter shows the steel cofferdam structure that we will start to remove tomorrow.