Miller Rd: More Paving!

We continue to make great progress at the Miller Rd Bridge and Resurfacing Project.

West of the bridge, from Zeeb Rd to the bridge, the contractors have been working on paving and finishing shoulder work by spreading top soil and laying down mulch blankets.  In addition, new guardrails are being set up on all four quadrants of the bridge.

East of the bridge, from the bridge to Wagner Rd, the contractor is working on leveling the surface to prepare for paving later this week. Next week crews are planning to finish paving and work on the shoulders on this section.

Although we are making steady progress, the road remains closed during this time. We will update more as we get closer to reopening the road for traffic. Thank you for your patience!

If you have questions about the bridge project, contact Nate Murphy, project manager and bridge engineer, (734) 327-6647, If you have questions about the paving projects, contact Mike Bernbeck, project manager, (734) 327-6654,

photo of fresh asphalt on Miller Road

The freshly paved west side of Miller Rd (pictured above). Shoulder work is currently underway.