Mast Rd Bridge: Temporary Relief

The Mast Rd Bridge Project in Webster Township has made a lot of progress in the last few weeks. Our contractor has finished the concrete deck repairs and end-wall construction.

Good news! We have temporarily reopened two-way traffic over the bridge while our contractor waits for the delivery of the remaining materials. In about a month we will reinstate the lane closure over the bridge and will once again utilize temporary traffic signals to maintain two way traffic in the single lane.

Once materials have been delivered and the lane closure reinstated, our contractor will complete the repairs on the northern pier of the bridge as well as finish the sidewalk and curb work.

Questions? Contact Nate Murphy, project manager and bridge engineer, (734) 327-6647,

photo of two way traffic on the bridge

The Mast Rd Bridge Project in Webster Township has temporarily returned to two-way traffic (pictured above).