Mast Rd Bridge: Shift Coming!

This week, at the Mast Rd Bridge Project in Webster Township, our contractors have been finishing up work on the first stage of the project. This includes completing end-wall construction and installing guardrails on the west side of the bridge.

We are expecting to shift traffic to the west side of the bridge to continue deck repairs on the east side by the end of this week. Two-way traffic will continue to be maintained through a temporary traffic signal.

Similarly to old houses, it is not uncommon to uncover surprises once you start working on an old bridge as well. Unfortunately, that is the case on this bridge. We recently discovered that the northern pier of the bridge needs some additional repairs where the beams are supported, which means our project and lane closures will be extended until late August.

Questions? Contact Nate Murphy, project manager and bridge engineer, (734) 327-6647,

photo of finished end-wall and guardrail construction

The Mast Rd Bridge Project is expecting a traffic shift tomorrow after finishing end-wall construction and guardrail installation (pictured above).