Liberty Rd and Zeeb Rd Roundabout: Construction Coming Soon!

We are getting closer to the start of roundabout construction at the intersection of Liberty Rd and Zeeb Rd in Scio Township. Our contractor is now planning to begin the intersection closure in early July.

As we continue to prepare for construction, we’ve had a few questions from residents regarding access during construction. Please see the information below for more information.

The intersection of Liberty Rd and Zeeb Rd will be CLOSED to ALL traffic during construction. Emergency services (police, fire, EMS) have been and will continue to be notified of this upcoming closure.

As local residents know, Liberty Rd, west of the intersection, has a tendency to flood at different times throughout the year, especially in the spring and fall. We are well aware of this issue and will monitor throughout construction. Thanks to a partnership with Scio Township, additional limestone was added to this section of Liberty Rd a few weeks ago to help mitigate this risk.

If Liberty Rd floods during roundabout construction, emergency access will be provided to impacted Liberty Rd residents and emergency responders through the Liberty/Zeeb intersection.

If significant rainfall is in the forecast, we will prepare the construction site one day in advance to make sure it is buttoned up enough to allow impacted Liberty Rd residents and emergency responders to traverse the construction site. If unpredicted rainfall occurs that causes Liberty Rd to flood, WCRC and our contractor have staff on-call 24/7. If you notice the road flooding overnight, please contact 911. The emergency dispatchers will call out to WCRC to dispatch/notify the necessary parties.

Depending on stage of construction underway at that time, we may need to use a variety of temporary tools/materials to ensure this access including temporary aggregate (stone). We will ensure that the necessary materials are readily available on site.

We will send project updates out via email to anyone who has subscribed to receive them, including if access changes are needed due to flooding. Click here to subscribe.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our virtual construction information meeting on May 5. Click here to watch the meeting recording.

Questions? Contact James Hui, project manager, (734) 327-6660, [email protected].