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Let the Deliveries Begin

By December 4, 2019Project Updates

Sections 1 and 2 of Bridge #2 were delivered earlier today! We expect the next section to be delivered later this week.

These deliveries are causing periodic, 15-20 minute long road closures on Huron River Drive between Mast Road and Zeeb Road. We are hoping to have all the sections delivered by the end of next week.

If you have questions about the construction project, please contact Jason Voigt, project manager, (313) 434-4601, jvoigt@wadetrim.com.

This project is part of the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission’s Border-to-Border Trail Network in partnership with the Huron Waterloo Pathway Initiative. The Washtenaw County Road Commission is involved with this project to help administer federal funds from the Transportation Alternatives Program Grant.

Shows Section 1 Bridge Delivery

Section 1 of Bridge #2 was delivered earlier today