Geddes Rd: Back to Backfill

By September 16, 2021Project Updates

It’s been a productive couple of weeks at the Geddes Rd Bridge Project in Superior Township.

Our contractor continues to work on backfilling either side of the bridge structure. Today they are expecting to install the rip rap rocks, which will help prevent erosion around the bridge. Once the rip rap is installed they will be removing the water bypass pump which will allow the stream to flow naturally once again.

Once this part of the project work is completed, the road crew will be onsite to begin construction of the roadway.

If you have any questions concerning this project, please contact Nate Murphy, project manager and bridge engineer, (734) 327-6647,

photo of backfill being added

Pictured above is the backfill being added at the Geddes Rd Bridge Project.

photo from inside the box bridge

This is what the inside of the new Geddes Rd bridge looks like. Water will be flowing through here next week!