FAQ: 2018 Textile Road and Platt-Textile Greenway

Project Overview

During this project the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) and its contractor will:

  • Rebuild and pave Textile Road from Hines Drive to Michigan Avenue (US-12).
  • In partnership with Pittsfield Township, build the Platt-Textile Greenway, a 1.3 mile   non-motorized pathway, which will connect Marsh View Meadows Park to the existing non-motorized pathway running north-south along Platt Road.
  • Replace culverts at the Koch-Warner and Pittsfield No. 5 Drains.
  • Install new traffic signals at the intersections of Textile Road/Michigan Avenue and Textile/Platt Roads.
  • Construct center left-turn lanes at the intersection of Platt/Textile Roads.
  • Resurface pavement from State Road to the end of existing pavement near Hines Drive.
  • Install new railroad crossing guards with warning lights at the train tracks.
  • Pave the Old Hickory Trail parking lot.

Project Timeline

Tree removal will likely occur in February and March. All other work will begin on or after June 18, 2018. Our goal is to complete the project by Mid-November, weather pending.

Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this project funded?

A: Funding for this project is coming from the following sources:

Funding Source Textile Roadway Improvements Platt-Textile Greenway

Transportation Alternative Program (Federal)

Pittsfield Township $150,000 $400,000
TEDF Grant* (State) $2,800,000
Washtenaw County Road Millage $470,000
Total $ 3,420,000


*The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) awarded WCRC a State Transportation Economic Development Fund grant (TEDF) to fund the reconstruction and paving of the gravel segment of Textile Road between State Road and Michigan Avenue (U.S. 12).

The TEDF-funded Textile Road improvements will support the consolidation, relocation and expansion of the Thomson Reuters Inc. (TR) facility at the intersection of State Road and Textile Road. One obstacle to the TR relocation was concern about traffic safety and congestion. The paving of Textile Road through the TEDF grant will provide improved access to the TR facility and the addition of two new traffic signals will improve safety.

Q: What is the estimated cost of construction for the project?

A: $4.6 million for the road and pathway combined.

Q: What are the limits of construction?

A: Road reconstruction will impact Textile Road from State Road to Michigan Avenue and Platt Road from 100 feet south of Textile Road to 500 feet north of Textile Road. The Platt-Textile Greenway will be constructed between March View Meadows and Platt Road, connecting to Lohr-Textile Greenway and the Platt Greenway.

Q: When will construction begin/be completed?

A: Tree removal will likely occur in February and March. All other work will begin on or after June 18, 2018. The goal is to complete the project by Mid-November, weather pending.

Q: Will I have access to my property during construction?

A: Yes. All individuals with property inside the construction area (State Road to Michigan Avenue) will be provided access to and from their property by the contractor during construction. Be advised that sometime between June and October, the  intersection of Platt Road and Textile Road will be closed to all traffic for a period of time up to four weeks. WCRC will issue a media advisory the week before this closure.

Q: Will Textile Road be open to thru traffic during construction?

A: No. When construction work begins in June of 2018, Textile Road from Hines Drive to Michigan Avenue will only be open to property owners and tenants. People who do not live or own property internal to the project limits will be required to follow posted detour routes or seek an alternate route while work is occurring.

Q: Will the Platt Road / Textile Road intersection be open to traffic during construction?

A: WCRC anticipates that the intersection will be closed for up to four weeks to allow the contractor to construct the intersection, install the traffic signal, and replace the Koch-Warner culvert.  WCRC will provide a posted detour route utilizing Carpenter Road, Ellsworth Road and Michigan Avenue.

Q: Will area utilities be affected?

A: Yes. All utilities that impact road construction will be required to resolve conflicts prior to the start of construction. This includes DTE Energy (electric and gas), Frontier Communications, Comcast Cable and AT&T. Often utility infrastructure must be relocated to a new location in the road right-of-way to make room for the new roadway.

Q: Will the Ann Arbor Railroad crossing be upgraded? 

A: Yes. Automated gates and flashing signals will be installed that will lower crossing guards and warn motorists of oncoming trains.

Q: Will trees be removed as part of the construction project?

A: Yes. Trees will be removed to accommodate the new road footprint and Platt-Textile Greenway. The number of trees to be removed is directly related to road geometry, roadside safety, drainage, and to ensure the pathway meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Tree work will be completed before March 31, 2018.

Q: What will happen with mailboxes and mail delivery?

A: Mail service will continue during construction.  However, mailboxes will likely be temporarily relocated to outer ends of the project limits during construction.  The U.S. Postal Service typically does not deliver mail inside active construction work zones.  At the conclusion of construction, mailboxes will be relocated as close as possible to their current locations.

Q: Will accommodations be provided for school bus pickup during construction? 

A: Both the Ann Arbor Public Schools and Saline Area Schools will make announcements prior to the 2018-2019 school year as to where/when bus stops will occur during construction.

Q: How will trash pickup be affected?

A: The contractor will coordinate garbage/recycling services throughout construction.

Q: Will my lawn be restored once construction is completed?

A: Yes, the contractor will be responsible to grow grass wherever the ground has been disturbed as part of the project.