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Cranes and Cofferdams

By March 22, 2019Project Updates

This week our contractor continued to make progress on bridge #2, the steel sheet cofferdam is in place on the park-side of the river. Most other work has really slowed down while seasonal weight restrictions aka frost laws are in effect. Seasonal weight restrictions may be lifted sometime in April, but this will depend upon weather conditions over the next few weeks.

As the weather continues to improve, more and more people are going to be visiting the park, curious about our work. Please remember to keep your distance from all active work zones and give workers and equipment plenty of room to work. These can be hazardous areas that the general public should avoid.

Please contact Louie Taylor, project manager, if you have any questions (989) 686-3100, ltaylor@wadetrim.com.

This project is part of the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission’s Border-to-Border Trail Network in partnership with the Huron Waterloo Pathway Initiative. The Washtenaw County Road Commission is involved with this project to help administer federal funds from the Transportation Alternatives Program Grant.

The steel cofferdam at bridge #2 has been constructed