Cavanaugh Lake Rd: A Little More To Do

By October 21, 2022Project Updates

Cavanaugh Lake Rd in Sylvan Township has been open for a few days now and is looking good!

We’re still waiting for the final application of pavement markings which will take place in the coming weeks. In addition, we will return to mill (or grind) and then pave a small section of Cavanaugh Lake Rd near the railroad crossing by the border with the City of Chelsea. We have to wait for a special paving crew, who are credentialed to work within the railroad right-of-way, to become available in our area.

Questions about Cavanaugh Lake Rd paving? Please contact Mike Bernbeck, project manager, (734) 327-6654, [email protected].

P.S. Next week, there will be a brief closure of W. Middle St. between Cleveland St and Middle Ct in the City of Chelsea while a private contractor installs a water service line. The posted detour includes Cavanaugh Lake Rd and Pierce Rd. You may see unusual volumes of vehicles using these roads during this 3-4 day closure. Thanks for your patience!