Bemis Rd: Millin’ It

Despite a soggy 10 days, we are making great progress at the intersection of Bemis Rd and Carpenter Rd on the border of York and Pittsfield Townships. Our contractors are working to widen the NE part of the intersection and have replaced one large crossroad culvert. They have also removed section of the existing curb and are preparing to place new curb soon.

Today, they began milling the road approaches on Bemis Rd. This work will continue into next week.

The intersection remains open to traffic, but delays are likely due to lane closures. WCRC encourages motorists, emergency services and others to use an alternate route.

Questions? Please contact James Hui, project manager (734) 327-6660, or via email at

photo of Bemis Rd milling

Milling road approaches on Bemis Rd today.