Arch Support

By September 18, 2019Project Updates

It’s been a busy two weeks on the Saline-Milan Road Bridge Replacement Project in York Township. After allowing the footings to cure, the contractor was able to set the precast concrete segments of the three-sided arch last Friday.  The main portion of the bridge is comprised of 10 three-sided precast concrete elements that are set adjacent to each other across the width of the road.  Our contractor is working this week to pour the concrete footings that will support the precast wingwalls.

We also continue to make progress on the soldier piles that will support the eastern retaining wall. We encountered some delays with this work due to some unexpected underground obstructions.

Despite our steady progress, we are now hoping to reopen the bridge by the end of October. Our contractor was a little delayed in the beginning of the project due to some unexpected utility conflicts.

If you have questions about the bridge project, please contact Nate Murphy, bridge engineer,, (734) 327-6647.

Placing precast arch segments on the Saline-Milan Road Bridge