Jason started working for us at the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) in 2013 as a temporary employee plowing snow on the highways with our State Trunkline Crew and in the Chelsea-area with the District 3 Crew. Once Jason joined us permanently, he quickly worked his way up and was appointed group leader for our Heavy Equipment Crew in 2014. In December 2020, Jason was promoted to foreman of the Heavy Equipment Crew.

Prior to working for WCRC, Jason worked for many years in the concrete industry. While he enjoyed the work, he worked a brutal schedule, long hours in the summer working across the state and annual winter lay-offs, typical of construction contractors. At times, the money was great but during downtimes like the recession, it was very challenging. Once his family started growing, Jason grew weary of the highs and lows that came along with concrete work and decided to make the move to WCRC.

Here at WCRC, Jason found the work-life balance he was seeking. Most WCRC employees work four ten-hour shifts in the summer. The summer schedule, and the long weekends that come with it, means that Jason has time in the summer to do the things he loves with his wife and two sons, including: traveling, hiking, cooking, hunting and just spending time together. In the winter, Jason and everyone at WCRC work long hours, depending on the weather, but according to Jason, “The winters can be challenging because we need people here to plow snow but I know in the summer months I won’t miss my kid’s football games. That right there made the move worth it.”

One of Jason’s favorite things about working for WCRC is the relationships he has developed with his co-workers. He and his crew have fun while accomplishing great work for the people of Washtenaw County. The Heavy Equipment Crew at WCRC is tasked with a variety of projects, from rebuilding culverts to the county-wide seal coat program. This means Jason and his crew get to see projects from start to finish, something he finds very rewarding. One of his favorite projects to date is our annual summer seal coat program. Looking back at the last season, Jason shared, “It was a lot of fun coordinating such a large project and watching it all come together with the amount of people and equipment it took to get the job done. It took hard work from the director of operations all the way down to our seasonal summer help.”

Jason has some great advice for job seekers, “If you are considering your next career move, consider the entire package of financial and personal benefits, a career is so much more than just the starting hourly rate. For me, working at WCRC means I can do the work that I love right here in my community and being with my family.”

As you can probably tell, Jason brings a powerful work ethic and a positive attitude to the job that is contagious. He is a strong leader and team player. We are very lucky to have Jason as part of our WCRC family.

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photo of Jason C.
photo of employees pouring concrete
photo of employees working on a seal coat project in 2020