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WCRC Lobby To Reopen July 6 – By Appointment Only

June 30, 2020

Good Afternoon,

As the state continues to reengage, it is time to expand our offerings to the public while ensuring the continued safety of our employees. Starting Monday, July 6, 2020, we will open our lobby at 555 N. Zeeb Road by appointment only. Customers will still be encouraged to conduct as much business as possible online.

Should you require an in-person meeting with someone from outside our organization, the steps you are required follow if you need to schedule an appointment can be found on the w: drive under “Publications”. Face-to-face meetings should only take place if the issue cannot be resolved via email, phone or virtual meeting.

Masks or face coverings are required to be worn by the WCRC staff member and visitors attending the meeting. Meetings will take place at the table and chairs placed in the lobby. The lobby restrooms will be available for use by visitors during their meeting time. Visitors with an appointment will not be permitted to enter the building beyond the lobby.

We can now arrange pick-up and drop-offs as well with drop boxes placed in front of the building during regular business hours. We will continue to accept and encourage electronic plan submittals in our permits department.

If you aren’t sure that an issue requires a face-to-face meeting, talk with your supervisor before scheduling the appointment.

I’m extremely proud of the service that we have provided remotely over the past four months and I’m glad that we can continue to expand our service offerings to the public as needed.

Thank you as always for all that you do,