Snow Warriors Wanted! Help Us, Help You

By November 11, 2020Articles

Snow Warriors Wanted!

WCRC Prepares to Meet the Challenge of Winter During a Pandemic

photo of WCRC snow plowWhile the weather has been much nicer this November (remember last year’s Veteran’s Day Storm?), the staff at the Washtenaw County Road Commission has been busy preparing for winter. Dump trucks have been converted back to snowplows, drivers are practicing their snow routes and salt has been delivered.

To help with this effort, WCRC is looking for Snow Warriors! WCRC is currently hiring full-time permanent and seasonal snowplow drivers. If you are interested in helping your community get through another Michigan winter and joining the exciting career of road maintenance, come join the team! Learn more and apply online at

In addition, WCRC asks for the public’s patience and caution, especially this winter. WCRC’s goal remains the same – clear snow and ice as quickly and safely as possible after a storm, but WCRC’s response time might be temporarily impacted by COVID-19 infections or associated quarantines.

There are four things you can do to help WCRC clear the roads:graphic showing ways the public can help in a snow storm

  1. Slow down – Throughout the summer and fall, WCRC road crews have seen very dangerous driving behavior. Slowing down and giving road workers space is critical, especially when road conditions deteriorate in a winter storm.
  2. Stay home – If you can stay off the roads during a storm, please do.
  3. Park vehicles and trash cans off the street –In a storm, if you are home and able to, park your car off the street and move your trash can off the street once it has been emptied.
  4. Keep kids away from the road –School snow days might look different this year but if your child is outside playing in the snow, please make sure they stay away from the road. Snowplows are huge pieces of equipment with limited visibility.

Winter is coming whether we like it or now, please help WCRC help you!