September 29: Projects, Public Meeting, TPOAM Info & MPSI Graduates

By September 29, 2023Employee Communications

Good morning,  

As fall weather sets in, our crews continue to check large projects off our to-do list! Over the past week, our crews were able to set, backfill and pave over the new culvert that sits under Prospect Rd, just south of Cherry Hill Rd in Superior Township. Martz Rd in Ypsilanti Township was re-opened on Thursday, and paving operations in our Ypsilanti subdivisions are making good progress. Thank you to everyone who has participated in getting these projects wrapped up!  

On Tuesday, our engineering department and Pittsfield Township hosted a public meeting regarding resident concerns about trucking noise and speeds on Ann Arbor-Saline Rd between Oak Valley Dr. and Maple Rd. On one hand, as a public agency, it is important to compassionately understand and take count of resident concerns. On the other hand, as a road commission, commercial routes are a crucial part of our road system and daily activities. Finding a balance between these competing interests can be a challenge, but thanks to the careful planning and patience demonstrated by the presenters and our leadership, the meeting went well. The next step is for the township to request engine braking signs under their noise ordinance, and we will work with Michigan State Police to review the current speed limit which is how speed limits are set on county roads in Michigan. In addition, we will work with Pittsfield Township to get a pedestrian crosswalk installed at the intersection of Ann Arbor-Saline Rd and Tiger Lily Dr/Bella Strada Dr. There will be more information to come soon!  

Yesterday, Tracy Balkwell sent out information to supervisors about the upcoming TPOAM pay increase and comp time cash out. If you are a TPOAM member and have not already seen this, please talk to your supervisor. 

Lastly, I want to congratulate the WCRC employees who graduated from MPSI last week. Our graduates include Trevor Feazel, Ken Harris, and Becky Houle – Congratulations to each of you on your long commitment to better serving our organization and the public. 

It looks like this weekend’s forecast is calling for some much-needed sunshine. See you in October!  

Take care & stay safe,