Sept. 9: New Salt Building Planned in 2023

Good afternoon and happy Friday!

I hope you all enjoyed the long holiday weekend.

This week, we made progress on our plans to build a new salt barn at the Main Yard. On Tuesday, our board approved an updated Yard 1 Master Plan, placing the new salt building on our site near the existing dome (which will be demolished once the new building is finished).

Now that we have an updated plan, we can continue our work through the design and permitting process. Our goal is to build a structure similar to Kent County Road Commission’s building (check out the pictures below) and the salt barn at our Northeast Service Center in 2023.

This is a huge, expensive undertaking for us, but material storage is a critical part of our operations in the winter and the dome is at the end of its service life. MDOT will be contributing quite a bit of money to the project since a lot of the material stored in the building goes on state routes.

There are still a lot of steps to go before shovels hit the ground. We’ll keep you posted throughout the process.

Take care and stay safe,


P.S. Another important facility project – a new roof and lighting at the Manchester Garage is still in the works for later this fall. We just published the bid advertisement today and bids are due by September 23.

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