Sept. 17: Nearly Fall

By September 17, 2021Employee Communications

Good morning,

We are another week further into September and the official start of Fall is just around the corner (Sept. 22). I’m sad to say that even with our later start time, it is now very dark in the mornings again. Please use extra caution when traveling about and working along the roadways. While I know we all take job site safety seriously, please remember to also use caution when moving about our yards, including in the parking lots. We are mixing vehicles, equipment and pedestrians in the dark each morning as we start our day and I want us to continue to be cautious and keep each other safe.

Mid-September also means that we are approaching the end of Q3, and it is time to get your nominations in for our Recognizing Our Workforce (ROW) awards. We have already received some great nominations this quarter. Two winners will be randomly selected from the Q3 nominees on October 1. Each winner will receive a $50 Amazon gift card and commemorative button. Click here to submit a nomination online or ask your supervisor for a paper form (blank copies were put in foremen’s mailboxes today).

I hope you have a relaxing weekend planned, looks like it will be another beautiful one.

Take care and stay safe,


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