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"I had the best crew in the county. When it came to plowing snow no other crew could keep up with us. One storm in 1996, we completed five salt-routes, plowed five townships plus part of Scio Township and Huron River Drive in one day. No other crew had done that."

Dick Miller

Foreman Dick Miller in 1989 During Dry Run Inspection making sure crews are ready for winter.

Dick Miller started his career at the road commission in 1971, he worked many positions, from laborer to heavy truck driver to State Trunkline foreman. He ultimately retired as the District 3 foreman out of the Chelsea Yard in 1996.

During his tenure, his favorite piece of equipment to operate was a heavy truck with a V plow while plowing snow, and his least favorite was the hand shovel. He has many fond memories of his 25-year career including some pretty funny tales involving a little competition with his co-workers.

One of the most memorable stories from Dick’s career was when he got a call about a loose pig on I-94 near Liberty Road. By the time he got to the scene his crew had caught the pig and were trying to figure out what to do with it. Soon the Washtenaw County Dog Catcher showed up and tried to take the pig, the WCRC employees didn’t like that idea. Dick told the dog catcher that he could have the pig if he could catch him, Dick started to untie the pig and the Dog Catcher’s tune changed quickly. At the end of the day WCRC employees ended up with the pig.

You never knew what you would encounter while working at the road commission!

Dick retired in 1996 and still resides in Washtenaw County with his family.