October 6: Safety Vests

Good afternoon,

Over the past few months, thanks to the help of Kraig Timmer, our new safety coordinator, we have started to review all of our safety policies and practices, including required PPE.

As a part of this review, we will be changing our PPE requirements to include Class 3 vests. Class 3 apparel has more retro-reflectivity material than Class 2 by including material down the arms of a short-sleeved vest or jacket and offers the greatest visibility of our employees. Changing our PPE requirements means that every employee will soon be issued a new Class 3 vest.

The goal with this change is to make us as visible as possible on the roadways. We want to be an industry-leader when it comes to safety and not simply doing the bare minimum. We believe our change to Class 3 vests will help us achieve this goal.

While safety is our number #1 goal, we understand that employee comfort is also important. With that in mind, we have ordered a variety of sample Class 3 vests to test out over the coming weeks. We intend to bring these samples first to the safety committee and then share with the rest of the organization to provide as many opportunities as possible for input.

This updated work rule will go into effect once we have identified the best vest models for the organization and we are able to get them in stock.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Take care and stay safe,