October 27: Dry Run & Construction Wrap Up

Good morning,

As we get closer to the end of October, our organization continues to get ready for the incoming winter season (despite the unusually warm weather)!

In Operations, Heavy Equipment and State Trunkline crews continued dry run preparations for the year. This prep work for winter maintenance activities is a huge undertaking for our operations department. From the challenging and dirty work of cleaning our trucks/equipment, to installing plows and wings, ensuring each piece of equipment is working correctly, running our snowplow routes, and submitting numerous shop tickets to our mechanics for equipment issues, each member of our operations department plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth winter season for the county. Thanks to all your hard work – we are in great shape! Once dry run is completed, each district is evaluated on their dry run inspections for the golden snowplow award. I am excited to find out who our winners are for this season! 😊 On top of dry run, our crews also replaced crossroad culverts on N. Territorial Rd in Webster Township, on Waters Rd in Lodi Township and on Wolff Rd in Manchester Township. Keep up the good work!

In Engineering, we continue to work at completing paving operations in the Parkside subdivision before the cold weather hits. Speed hump work resumes on Bagley Av and Wiard Rd, and sidewalk ramp replacements were completed at the intersection of Ford Blvd and Russell St, all in Ypsilanti Township.

It looks like we have a mix of nice and rainy weather forecast for this weekend. I hope you all get to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful fall colors while you can!

Take care & stay safe,