October 13: Dry Run, Road Show & Open Enrollment

Good morning,  

It’s been a busy week for our crews continuing with dry run! Each crew has done a phenomenal job preparing for this upcoming snow and ice season, which requires extensive planning and coordination of our entire operations department. Thank you to everyone who made this program run so smoothly, we are about halfway done! 

On another note, this week our HR team started another “Road Show” presentation to a handful of departments. This presentation provided a brief synopsis of the healthcare benefits that WCRC provides, reminders about open enrollment and an overview of the safety approach that is expected of our organization. Our safety coordinator, Kraig Timmer, stressed the importance of assessing and avoiding risk in our everyday behaviors. He also provided a great tool for assistance in addressing medical emergencies called the Red Cross First Aid app. Our HR coordinator, Alicia Held, announced that open enrollment updates will run from Monday, October 16 through Monday, October 23. If you have any questions about your benefits or how to make changes to your benefit plans, please visit our employee central web page or reach out to Alicia for assistance.  

It looks like we have a cold and wet weekend ahead of us! I hope you all are able to find some way to enjoy it.  

Stay warm & take care,