Oct. 14: Painted Plows

Good afternoon,

As October flies by, we continue to get ready for winter. In Operations, four more crews completed their Dry Run inspections this week, while other crews started their Dry Run prep and/or were busy working on final projects, including resurfacing Cavanaugh Lake Rd. In Engineering, the Grove Rd and Leforge Rd paving projects are wrapping up and the Tuttle Hill Rd resurfacing project is just getting started.

Earlier today, we picked up the first of seven painted plows. Check out the great artwork below from Chelsea’s South Meadows elementary school. We will pick up the remaining plows next week.

We are also starting to plan for holiday parades. If you know of a holiday parade in your community, please send the information to Emily Kizer, [email protected]. We try to participate in as many of these events as feasible. They are a great way to connect with the community and to show off our new painted plows.

It looks like Mother Nature has some snowflakes planned for us soon, I hope you can get out to enjoy this lovely fall sunshine while it lasts.

Take care and stay safe,


P.S. I hope you can join us this afternoon for a trip to the Blast Corn Maze on Daly Rd. We’re meeting at the corn maze at 4 p.m. and we’ll probably grab dinner after. Bring your family too!

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