May 9: Culverts, Road Show & Board Meeting

Good afternoon,  

Our crews have done a great job at completing the numerous culvert replacement projects that we set out to accomplish this year. Over the past week, they returned to these culvert locations to perform road resurfacing. So far this year, approximately 30-40 culverts (varying in size) have been replaced throughout the county. Thank you to our crews for all your hard work in improving our county road system! 

This week, the Brent Schlack and Aaron Berkholz kick started the Road Show program by providing an overview of the engineering department and a summary of the projects that are being considered for the 2025-2028 County-wide Roads and Non-Motorized Millage.  They also educated staff members on how to discuss the millage with our constituents (as we want to educate residents about the millage, not advocate for it). By the end of May, all staff members should have attended one of these Road Show meetings. If you have any questions about the millage, how to find resources regarding the millage, or alternative meeting times for the road show, please reach out to your supervisor.  

During the board meeting this week, the WCRC Board approved township agreements for a traffic control device on Baker Rd in Northfield Township, as well as for culvert replacement projects on Saline-Waterworks Rd in Lodi Township, Warren Rd in Ann Arbor Township and Warner Rd in York Township. Additionally, a traffic control order for the intersection of 6 Mile Rd and Currie Rd in Salem Township was approved, turning the current two-way stop intersection into an all-way/four-way stop intersection. Residents will be able to see this intersection safety improvement implemented next week. We also recognized the retirement of Warren Copple, Stockroom Clerk, and his 11 years with WCRC. Congratulations and all the best!  

Have a great weekend everyone,