May 8: Speak Up WCRC, We’re Listening – Thank You!

Good morning,

Thank you for your feedback in our first Gallup poll: Speak up WCRC, We’re Listening!

WCRC did well with an overall 75% participation rate. As promised, the individual data responses are confidential but the summary information gives leadership a snapshot into our successes and what we need to improve upon. We learned that 42% of our workforce is engaged in their jobs and the achievement of our organization compared to 32% nationally. We did well in the areas of providing opportunities for our employees and recognizing the work that they do. We have worked hard on these concepts in recent years so it’s nice to see that staff recognizes these efforts.

However, we also learned that we have plenty of work to do. Specifically, many of our employees are unclear about what they are expected to do and feel that they lack the materials and tools to perform their jobs. These are basic areas that we need to better understand so we can strive to meet our employees’ needs.

Our next step is to go over the results with Gallup and WCRC supervisors on Tuesday, May 23. Once we digest the information as a group, we will devise a broad action plan for the organization and individual action plans for supervisors with the overall goal of continuing to improve employee engagement.

Once again, thank you for your participation in our poll. We will have additional communication in the coming months. If you have questions, please contact Nicole Peterson, HR manager, or me.