May 7: Good and Bad News

May 7, 2020

Good Afternoon,

Today brought both good news and not so good news in Michigan.

For the first time since March 23, construction, real estate and other “low-risk” industries are reopening today. Manufacturing plants will be starting back up soon with strict safety protocols in place. This resumption of business demonstrates another shift in our collective mindset during this pandemic, moving from “essential-work only” to “what can be done safely”.

With this transition in mind, we have started to carefully expand the work activities permissible for each department. This does not mean we have switched back to “business as usual”. As more work activities are built back into our schedule, we need to ensure safe workplace practices. Proper use of face coverings remains critically important, as does strict social distancing of at least 6 feet and frequent hand washing. We need the continued cooperation of everyone to keep our staff safe, healthy and returning home to their families each night.

Unfortunately, today we also heard that Governor Whitmer extended the Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives order through May 28. While the curve has flattened and state officials are cautiously optimistic that we are headed in the right direction, we are being asked to do our part and continue to stay home and stop the spread of COVID-19. This is disappointing news for many of us, but if we do our part, we hope that we can reopen and re-engage in the near future.

Thank you for all that you do. Please have a safe and enjoyable weekend and give all the moms in your life a virtual hug!