Project Update – Main Yard Salt Barn

Good afternoon,  

Construction on the Main Yard salt barn has begun! This week, our contractor has been removing sod and leveling the ground where the storage building will be constructed. This work involved a handful of deliveries and trucking to our Main Yard. Next steps are constructing the foundation.  

As the project schedule develops and materials are acquired for subgrade and foundation preparation, truck traffic will increase to the Main Yard. During times of heavy construction traffic, it may be necessary for staff to use the North Zeeb gate entrance. WCRC will continue to send updates as the project progresses and notify staff of necessary details.  

Until further notice, feel free to move about the Main Yard as you normally would, just remain conscious of construction traffic – and drive SLOW! 

If you have specific questions, please reach out to me.  

Have a great weekend,  

Adam Lape