March 10: Board Meeting, Safety Committee & Road Show!

Good afternoon,

What a crazy month it has been considering we’re only 10 days in! After working some long and exhausting hours for two weekends in a row, our operations department has been gearing up for their third storm. Thank you to our crews for the continuous sacrifice you make to clear the roads and keep our motorists safe. Your hard work and extra hours are noticed and appreciated. Hopefully mother nature lets up soon and these beautiful sunny days become more regular.

During our board meeting this week, our commissioners approved both design services and bid results for a handful of roundabout projects as well as a Pathway Project in Superior Township and a service truck for the state trunkline crew. Although the winter season is making up for lost time, we are still looking ahead to the construction season that is swiftly approaching.

Yesterday, Nicole Peterson announced that the safety committee is looking to fill two vacant seats. The committee is in search of employees who have a passion for safety culture, protecting WCRC employees and setting standards. More specifically, they are looking to fill Main Yard (Signals, Signs, District 1) and Administration (IT, Finance, Communications) seats. These positions are a minimum 1-year term with an option to serve longer. The committee meets once a month to discuss safety matters, with senior leadership joining quarterly. If you are interested, please reach out to Nicole or Dennis Busse, current chair of the safety committee.

Speaking of employees who have a passion for safety culture, shout out to Kraig Timmer and Alicia Held for presenting their HR/Safety “Road Show!” They both did a phenomenal job at explaining the importance of safety culture, and providing helpful information when it comes to WCRC’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). If you have any additional questions about any of these topics or ideas for future road shows, please let Alicia or Kraig know.

Stay safe & stay warm!