June 9: Celebrations and Change

Good morning,

This was a special week at WCRC. On Tuesday at the board meeting, we honored Jim Harmon and Paul Schneider for their combined 56 years of service to WCRC. It was a pleasure working with these men who truly embrace public service and were consummate road professionals throughout their careers. We are going to miss their expertise and guidance.

It isn’t very often that we have two supervisors retiring at the same time, especially within one department. So as much as we will miss Jim and Paul, I’m looking forward to working with Adam, Ken and Scott in their new roles. We held interviews for the assistant superintendent position yesterday and expect to make an announcement soon. This position will be filled by an internal candidate which will create an ongoing domino effect in other positions over the next few weeks. We will continue to communicate any opportunities via email and through our digital signs.

I want to thank every employee who has expressed interest in these positions. I’m eternally grateful to each of you, it says a lot about our amazing workforce that so many people are interested in assuming leadership roles within our organization. While we can only select one person for each of these positions, these are excellent opportunities to discuss long-term goals with the interested individuals and identify potential paths for growth.

All of this change is exciting, but it is also hard. Most of us are creatures of habit and we like things to be predictable. Change, however, is unsettling and feels unpredictable which can be stressful. But change also allows us to grow, both individually and as an organization, and embrace new ideas and approaches to how we do business. While I know that we will get through this period of change, I’m confident that we will continue to be a strong organization that provides exceptional service to this community.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Take care and stay safe,


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