June 22: Working Session

Good afternoon,

This week was a hot one for everyone out in the field! Not only were temperatures exceeding 80 degrees, multiple construction projects started up around the county and our crews were continuing to hammer away at our chip seal program. Next step is fog seal, let’s hope mother nature works with us.

During our working session this week, Nicole Peterson, HR manager, presented an overview of the benefits that our organization offers. A handful of these benefits include health, dental, and vision insurance, retirement plans, accrued paid time off, life and disability insurance, health care savings plans, and reimbursement opportunities to all employees. During annual open enrollment, which is during the month of October for our organization, employees reenroll and have the option to make changes to their benefits. One way our Human Resources department has made information about our benefits plans easily accessible is through employee central. I encourage you to check out our website and further educate yourself on the benefits you are eligible for here at WCRC. If you have any questions about the benefits offered here at WCRC, or employee central itself, reach out to our HR team!

It looks like we have some mixed weather coming up for this weekend, so I hope you stay dry and have some fun!

Take care & stay safe,