Good Afternoon,

As we close out another week, the coronavirus situation continues to improve in Michigan. Many restaurants, stores, libraries and hair salons are reopening, and more and more people are getting back to work. It feels so good to see these positive trends.

Even though we are making great progress, we all need to continue with the basic safety rules set out by the Governor’s reopening plan and our own “Moving Forward” policies, including:

  1. Masks or face coverings are required PPE. They must be worn inside a WCRC facility whenever an employee leaves their assigned workspace (office, cubical, vehicle).
  2. Screening questions must be answered daily. If you are reporting to work in-person (to a WCRC facility, project or vehicle), you need to contact your supervisor ahead of each shift with answers to the latest health screening questions.
  3. Meetings should be virtual, if at all possible. In-person, work-related meetings are allowed but virtual meetings are still preferred and highly recommended. If meetings must occur in-person, at least 6-ft of social distance should be maintained, and all participants shall wear a mask or face covering during the meeting.
  4. Practice social distancing. All common spaces have posted limited occupancy, including break rooms. Access to microwaves, refrigerators and coffee stations will be provided, however users must sanitize these stations before and after use.
  5. Wash hands frequently. You should wash for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer.

The lobby remains closed to the public although we are looking at options to begin some form in-person services for the public. Employees who can work remote should continue to work remote.

I know this is difficult and getting old. But we all worked incredibly hard to keep ourselves and our co-workers safe so far and we all need to continue to do our part to stay safe and healthy.

The weather outside is beautiful and predicted to stay that way all weekend. I hope that you get out and enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend.

Take care and stay safe,