June 1: Spring Training Event

Good afternoon,

This week has been a little out of the ordinary, but a good one, to say the least. Between catching up from the Memorial Day holiday and throwing our annual spring training event, we’ve all been unconventionally busy! A big thank you to our crews who kept the roadways clear and safe this past weekend, as holiday traffic and nearby construction can make motorists impatient and frustrated.

On Wednesday, we hosted a spring training event for the first time since the beginning of COVID-19 (crazy that it’s been that long)! I hope you all found the lectures from both Lew Bender and Lynn Henley informative, as the purpose for this event is to bring helpful resources and educational experiences to our organization. I encourage you to take the Spring Training Survey before the end of next week, as the survey is meant to provide constructive feedback about the event and suggestions for making the next one better!

Finally, I was in a hurry yesterday to let everyone out early and forgot to recognize Tiffany Oliphant and the communications teams for all their help planning our Spring Training. There is a lot of work that takes place behind the scenes, and they worked very hard to create a successful event for the rest of us. Tiffany, especially, spent a huge amount of time on filming and editing the video which was a wonderful way to kick off our day. So, on behalf of all of us I say, “thank you, thank you”.

I hope you get to enjoy this coming weekend, as the weather is supposed to be beautiful!

Happy June 😊