July 29: Dog Days of Summer

Good afternoon,

This week has really felt like the “dog days of summer”. We continue to make great progress on our summer projects – the fog seal crew is picking up steam and plans to wrap up most of the 2021 program in a few weeks, Pleasant Lake Rd at Zeeb Rd was reopened yesterday and our district crews have been making steady progress on their local road projects. Thank you to everyone for your efforts!

As you may be aware, Washtenaw County (not WCRC) has received approximately $71 million from the federal American Rescue Plan. The Board of County Commissioners (BOC) has put together a list of potential investments and they are currently seeking feedback from the public through public meetings and an online survey. The potential projects cover a variety of areas, including a Local Road Storm Water Matching Program that we developed with Evan Pratt, Washtenaw County’s water resources commissioner. We are asking for approximately $2.5 million to help replace failed or failing culverts/storm sewers on local roads as part of the BOC’s goal to create a more sustainable community.

Our board and I have been advocating for this program with township officials and county commissioners. I also plan to attend the virtual BOC meeting next week to make public comment on this topic. If you are a Washtenaw County resident, I encourage you to check out the list of potential projects and to share your opinion through the survey. The ARP money is a unique opportunity and I’m hopeful that our county commissioners will fund our program along with other important investments in our community.

I hope you get out and enjoy the beautiful weather coming our way this weekend.

Take care and stay safe,


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