July 27: Wind Storm & 2023 Construction Projects

Good morning,  

I’ll start with a huge thank you to everyone! Last night’s storm was intense in areas of our county. Many people are without power and our crews worked a long night to address road hazards and downed trees. We appreciate everyone who assisted in addressing yesterday’s storm, whether you were taking dispatch calls, clearing the roadway, resolving traffic signal issues or putting a work zone back together, your contributions are crucial in keeping our communities safe!  

This week, our operations crews were also able to complete our seal coat program for the 2023 season! Our seal coat program involves meticulous planning of our crews, good weather, and available materials. This year our program was approximately 32 miles and ended yesterday on N. Territorial Rd in Webster Township. A special shout out to Jason Clouse and Ken Harris for planning and executing this entire operation, as I know it’s a huge undertaking!  

On another note, our construction projects for the 2023 season are well underway. A large portion of our resurfacing projects were completed over the last week, including 7 Mile Rd in Salem Township, as well as Barker Rd, Main St and Whitmore Lake Rd in Northfield Township. Curb will be be placed at the Bemis Rd/Whittaker Rd roundabout this weekend and the new culvert was put in the ground on Parker Rd. Fingers crossed that the rest of our construction season follows a similar path.  

Looks like we could have another round of storms come through tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your help keeping our roads open and safe.  

Whether you are with or without power, I hope you enjoy your weekend.  

Take care & stay safe,